Atlanta Young Architect's Forum 2010

Added on by Catherine Burce.

bobCAT. in collaboration with Brandon Shigeta have been awarded an Honorable Mention Prize in this year’s AIA Atlanta Young Architect’s Forum 48 hour competition. The project was to submit a proposal to re-imagine “The Gulch” in Atlanta. The bobCAT./ Shigeta proposal imagined a new civic park that would incrementally grow over time. The park, using the parking stalls as a unit of conversion from hardscape to soft,  would increase proportionally as reliance on public transportation becomes more significant. Judges Comments: “Incremental revitalization at the scale of the parking space seems somehow hopelessly romantic but, on the other hand, hopeful that a community could reconfigure its landscape without the heavy hand of the bulldozer and the mega project.”  For more information on the proposal and the competition go to:


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