Rotch Fellowship

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bobCAT. principal Robert Alexander has been awarded the 2013 Rotch Traveling Fellowship by the Boston Society of Architects.


Form Follows Folding Instalation

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bobCAT. in collaboration with a team of architecture students from Cal Poly Pomona announces the opening reception for FORM FOLLOWS FOLDING on February 25th @ the fINdings Art Center in San Pedro CA. FFF is an installation created from the disused presentation posters of students from the school. The team researched different shapes and techniques of folding to create a temporary paper environment that is 100 percent recyclable. The reception will be held at the fINdings Gallery @ 470 W 6th St. San Pedro, CA from 7-10pm


House and Garden For Slim Aarons

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The bobCAT. entry ” A House and Garden for SlimAarons” has been selected as a finalist for the SLANT Organization’s International Garden Design Competition 2011. Please look for more info on this in the coming days as they reveal the winning schemes. 


Robert Alexander at Little Tokyo Design Week

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An interview with bobCAT.’s Robert Alexander is currently being featured in Little Tokyo Design Week’s- Future City Dialogues.

bobCAT. is also pleased to announce that LTDW will be featuring our long time collaborator and friend, Brandon Shigeta’s newest installation: “ARTCUBE”. for more information on Brandon Shigeta’s project and Little Tokyo Design Week go to:


Neutra VDL

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Robert Alexander has been selected by Cal Poly Pomona to be the acting resident director of the Neutra VDL House in Silverlake. Mr. Alexander will be stepping in for the current director, Professor Sarah Lorenzen, who will be resuming her duties in the Summer of 2012. For more information on the house please visit:


Hedge House

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bobCAT. has begun construction on the experimental “hedge” house. The project, which explores novel domestic design solutions for small spaces, will be completed in September 2011.


2011 Hedge House.jpg

Drawing in the Post-Digital Age

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bobCAT. has been invited to participate in Woodbury University School of Architecture’s exhibit: “2d3d2-Drawing in the Post Digital Age”. The exhibit starts on April 14th and will continue into May. 


2011 WUHO.jpg

PBQA Offices, Torrance CA

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bobCAT. has completed the offices for the lighting design firm PBQA in Torrance, California. The project, a collaboration with Patrick B. Quigley and his staff, matches his unique perspective on architectural lighting with a flexible and comfortable interior space carved out of an otherwise unremarkable industrial office park. 

photo: Brandon Shigeta


2011 PBQA.jpg

bobCAT.’s “proposal for a suspension city, santiago chile” is profiled in evolo.

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"Suspension City, comprised of complexes of housing, office and commercial sites built within abandoned quarries in the sprawling outskirts of Santiago, Chile, seeks to blend into the spread out landscape while improving its conditions.

Designed by Robert Alexander and Catherine Burce, the city uses a matrix of woven metal hills to hold pillars that reach to the bottom of the quarries, with office and residential units suspended from the pillars as they descend. Using both the art of M.C. Escher and the structuring of a beehive by the beekeeper to maximize space and accessibility as inspirations, the pair have created a design that seeks to combat sprawl by filling in the very mines whose wealth supported sprawl’s explosion in the area.”

Click on photo for full article. 


The Brick Studio at fINdings Gallery

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The Brick Studio exhibit opens in San Pedro. The exhibit designed by bobCAT will be up for the month of December in the fINdings gallery in San Pedro. The exhibit displays the work of Cal Poly Pomona Architecture Department’s Fall 2010 Advanced Topic Studio. The exhibit is open by appointment. To visit or to find more information on the exhibit please email:

2010 Brick fINdings.jpg

Atlanta Young Architect's Forum 2010

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bobCAT. in collaboration with Brandon Shigeta have been awarded an Honorable Mention Prize in this year’s AIA Atlanta Young Architect’s Forum 48 hour competition. The project was to submit a proposal to re-imagine “The Gulch” in Atlanta. The bobCAT./ Shigeta proposal imagined a new civic park that would incrementally grow over time. The park, using the parking stalls as a unit of conversion from hardscape to soft,  would increase proportionally as reliance on public transportation becomes more significant. Judges Comments: “Incremental revitalization at the scale of the parking space seems somehow hopelessly romantic but, on the other hand, hopeful that a community could reconfigure its landscape without the heavy hand of the bulldozer and the mega project.”  For more information on the proposal and the competition go to:


YAF 2010.jpg

The Brick Studio, Cal Poly Pomona, Department of Architecture, Fall 2010

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The Brick Studio presents the research and studio projects of students from Cal Poly Pomona’s ARC 401-405 Advanced Topics in Architecture Class. The work was produced during Fall Quarter 2010 and was part of an examination into the sustainable and formal potential of using brick in architecture. Over the course of 10 weeks, students were asked to study both ancient and contemporary applications of brick in architecture. The images, drawings, and diagrams that were produced served as a basis of knowledge as the students then prepared design proposals for the 2010 “brickstainable” design competition -

2010 Brick.jpg

Lecture, Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA, 2010

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Robert Alexander will be presenting the work of bobCAT. to the students, faculty and interested members of the Cal Poly community @ 12:00 in bldg. 3. The lecture will be presented in three acts and will feature the speculations and musings of Robert Alexander and Catherine Burce over the past five years. Cal Poly Pomona Department of Architecture Lecture Series is free and open to the public. 


Boston City Museum Competition, Boston MA, 2010

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Robert Alexander has been named as a finalist in this year’s Rotch Travelling Scholarship Competition. The scholarship is awarded annually as result of a two stage, timed competition. This year’s competition was a project to re-imagine Boston’s Historic City Hall building, designed by Kallmann, Mckinnel and Knowles as a new museum of the history of the city of Boston. 

2010 Rotch.jpg

Granturismo Exhibition, Silves, Portugal, 2005

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bobCAT. has been invited to present their proposals for alternative tourist housing in Southern Portugal. The Exhibition and Seminar has been produced by the organization Casa Granturismo and will involve housing proposals and discussions by architects from around the world including: Atelier Bow-Wow, Pezo-Von Ellrichshausen, Fernando Romero, Hrvoje Njiric, and Procter:Rihl